Introduction to Python for Data Science

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Introduction to Python for Data Science

7 ratings


Getting started with Python for Data Science is an interesting journey. This book holds your hands just enough without being condescending. Download the complete guide to getting started with Python for Data Science.

More info can be found at: https://datagy.io/introduction-to-python-for-data-science

This book takes you from Excel guru to Pythonista in no time!

What you'll get:

  • Nearly 90 pages of beautifully-formatted text in PDF form, readable on tablets, your computer, or even printable
  • A downloadable copy of all code to be run with instruction in a Jupyter environment (and instructions on how to do this!)
  • A printable cheat sheet covering key pieces of the code from the book
  • A quick guide to opening the Jupyter notebook

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Nearly 90 Pages of Python Content, as a beautiful PDF, a downloadable Interactive Notebook, and a Cheat Sheet!

A Beautiful PDF
Nearly 90 Pages
Free Updates
For Life
An Interactive Notebook
Jupyter File
A Python Cheat Sheet
For Quick Reference


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